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Coaching and specifically the style of coaching I'm trained in, which is Rapid Transformational Coaching, is a different approach to creating change in your life!

Coaching can be used for many different types of issues (just ask!) and is especially effective for subjects like finding your life's purpose, getting help achieving goals, either personal or professional, healing relationship issues, confidence and self esteem, weight issues, relationship issues, spiritual crisis/exploration, and more.


​You might be asking yourself...why would you want to get coaching?

Coaching offers you a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings. 

I do not offer advice and I am not a traditional therapist - the processes I

use work to guide you to find the answer that lies within yourself,

so YOU do what is right FOR YOU! 

My job is to help you do the work and ask the hard questions!

Very different than traditional therapy,  my style of therapeutic and intuitive coaching

is forward thinking, heart centered and helps you create changes in your life moving forward.

We don't focus on the past...... while it is relevant to your experience, and we may visit the past for a moment or two, what we really do is figure out WHAT you really WANT and give you tools to get there.  


I help by giving you the support you need to grow in various ways that we decide together - we're a team!  Common ways I offer support could be holding you accountable to actionable items, challenge beliefs you hold, teach you tools to help you work with your thoughts, recommended processes to work through issues you're having, offering observations on patterns of behavior, guidance on possible next steps - the list goes on! 


Contact me to chat, it's free to do a discovery call so you can ask more questions and we can see if you feel we're a good fit!

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