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We'll talk about the differences of my offerings 

to decide what option might work best for you!

We'll also answer any questions you might have!

NEW - Custom Hypnotic Recording $49

Great for physical healing, general stress, sleep, concentration to prepare for a big event/test/meeting, confidence, self esteem, reaching goals, and more!

In this session, we will discuss your needs for a hypnotic recording - this can be to prepare you for a big event or meeting, help you create a new habit, help speed healing due to an injury and more! Some issues are best treated with an RTT session to clear out any old beliefs and the root cause, but if you're not ready for that yet, this can be a great way to start feeling better NOW!

I will also include a free additional recording with your first custom recording called a Healing Vortex, which is great to just make you feel better in general and helps with the healing process of your body and mind.

Intuitive Coaching Session(s)
single sessions and packages available - book a Discovery Call to learn more

An intuitive coaching session will vary some person to person.  My goal is to hold space for you and ask the tough questions that will help you move forward. Sessions will include guidance for issues or general life guidance such as choices you might be making, relationships, and more.  Tarot and pendulums may be used during your session.

These type of sessions are fantastic if you have a decision to make or just need some general direction if you feel stuck. 

The multi session packages allow us to go even deeper!

This package includes:

  • A 90 minute intuitive coaching session via Zoom (additional package sessions are 60 minutes long)

  • Video recording of our session if desired

  • Follow up email with any Tarot reading information or other details you want 

RTT Hypnotherapy Session 

The aim of the RTT package is to release subconscious beliefs that are impacting  the issue you are seeking help with and support you through these changes. This will be done using Rapid Transformational Therapy. Sessions can take place either via Zoom or at my office in Norman, OK.

This package includes:

  • A 30 minute intake/Discovery consultation

  • An RTT session lasting up to 2 hours

  • A 60 minute follow up coaching session to set you up for continued success

  • A powerful, personalized RTT recording

  • A relaxation primer recording

The personalized audio recording included in your package is designed to reinforce the positive changes introduced during the session. It is your responsibility to listen to this for a minimum of 21 days following the RTT session.  If an adjustment to your recording is needed, I am happy to make a 2nd recording.

Couples Relationship Coaching
We will design a custom package based on your needs!

In this couples package, I work with the couple both together and individually, depending on the issues and needs.  We'll design a multi session package where we are able to go deeper to set long term goals, attachment styles, love languages, communication skills, we can create accountability, spiritual journey guidance and growth if desired, forgiveness and more!

Every couple is different and has different needs, which is why we work together to design the best package for what you want!

This package includes:

  • One 90 minute (intake and coaching)  intuitive coaching session via Zoom 

  • The other sessions are 60 minutes via Zoom (the number depends on the package we design)

  • Video recording of our session if desired

  • Follow up emails with any homework information or other details you need or want to assist in moving forward 

  • Email support over the time of your package including one 15 min clarity session per month where needed

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