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Cassandra Syndrome Support

I am running a facebook group and free zoom support groups.  Join the facebook group to get announcements and to connect with the others! You'll find the sign up form below to get email reminders, or join the group chat and get reminders and zoom link there!

This group is for support of women who are or were in romantic relationships with a man who is suspected as having or who is diagnosed as ASD/Asperger's (Think Sheldon from Big Bang Theory!)  

As Cassandra wives or partners, we many times lose ourselves or sacrifice who we are and can end up depressed, feeling unloved, feeling stuck, no longer trust ourselves, possibly think we aren't good enough or worthy to have the kind of relationship we really want.

This is a place to gain support and love from those who can really understand you and what you're experiencing. As a former Cassandra Wife of almost 25 years, I felt called to create a space of support, not only on Facebook, but with weekly zoom support groups to be able to really connect with others like yourself.

In my own healing journey, I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Coach. I've gone through a lot of healing and have the calling to assist others who are in a place I was not long ago. I've designed a package that mirrors in many ways my own healing journey called Healing Cassandra.

In the free zoom groups, you will be guided through processes to learn how to love and trust yourself again, learn how to understand things you experience and how to find the root cause, receive intuitive coaching when you share your questions and story, and to help you find happiness - either if you stay or go.

If you'd like to hear more about my story, check out this Podcast by a fellow "Cassandra"  and check out my In The Media page for more!

To join us, fill out the form below to be on my email list. 

There may be an occasional email regarding events that I put together, but the sole purpose of the list is to communicate the day/time of our zoom meetings and to send the zoom links - I promise, I don't want to spam you :)

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