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Get to know Michelle and her work via her podcast and radio show as well as interviews and other podcasts she's been on!

Her current podcast/radio schedule is-

The 1st Tue of the month -

The Zen Mind Show

Wednesday's at 9pm Eastern Time -

The Art of Pivoting Your Life on WGBB Long Island

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Youtube Channel with both Podcast and Radio Show episodes 

The Art of Pivoting Your Life

Check out this podcast interview with Michelle and April Anderson,

Author of the book

"Love, Honor, and Asperger's"

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Dr Pat
Transformation Talk Radio
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Transformation Talk Radio

Featured on the #1 positive talk network, streaming live on and

The Zen Mind Show with Michelle & Dr. Pat: Rapid Zen Transformation

1st Tuesdays 11:30 am PT/ 2:30 pm ET

Looking for inspiration on your healing journey?

On The Zen Mind Show with Michelle and Dr. Pat you get practical information that can help! Michelle and Dr. Pat discuss processes anyone can do! No need for a financial investment, that’s right, resources that are free and accessible to anyone!

The Zen Mind Show is your beacon of hope with mindfulness techniques to actionable steps for personal growth, each episode offers invaluable insights and wisdom to guide you on your personal journey. Michelle Carbone is particularly adept at working with the “shadows” we all have. She works with hypnotherapy and coaching clients, healing the inner child to create a fantastic future with intention! Imagine a space where you can not only listen but actively participate—soon, we'll open our lines for call-ins, offering direct coaching to help you navigate challenges and accelerate your transformation.

Join the Zen Revolution: Transform Your Life Today!

It’s a community dedicated to supporting each other as we all strive for a more fulfilling, balanced, and Zen-filled life.

Click Here for the Next Episode - March 5th, 2024

The Zen Mind Show
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