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Coaching and specifically the styles of coaching I'm trained in, which is Rapid Transformational Coaching and Intuitive Coaching, is a different approach to creating change in your life!

Coaching can be used for many different types of issues (just ask!). My area of expertise and focus is on Relationships (of all kinds), anyone who is or has been in an Ongoing Traumatic Relationship and/or is experiencing Cassandra Syndrome (especially those who have a partner with ASD/Asperger's) and Spiritual Growth (and expanding your intuition). I love working with both individuals and couples.

​You might be asking yourself...why would you want to work with an intuitive coach?

Coaching offers you a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings. 

I do not tell you what to do and I am not a traditional therapist - the processes I

use work to guide you to find the answer that lies within yourself, so YOU do what is right FOR YOU!  My job is to help you do the work and ask the hard questions!

Very different than traditional therapy, my style of therapeutic and intuitive coaching

is forward thinking, heart centered and helps you create changes in your life moving forward.

We work together to figure out WHAT you really WANT and give you tools to get there.  


I help by giving you the support you need to grow in various ways that we decide together - we're a team!  Common ways I offer support could be holding you accountable to actionable items, challenge beliefs and perspectives you hold, teach you tools to help you work with your thoughts, recommended processes to work through issues you're having, offering observations on patterns of behavior, guidance on possible next steps - the list goes on!  

I meet my clients where they are at and we work together to create growth and heal whatever is holding you back from the life you desire. My approach starts with fostering open and honest conversations, both with yourself and with others.  Many of us are hiding or disconnected from our feelings and what we really want! Getting reacquainted with yourself in an honest way, looking at the "shadows" you have (which we all have!) and learning to love and forgive yourself is generally something most of my clients need. When we aren't being honest with ourselves and are out of alignment with what we truly want, we struggle! Being honest and open with ourselves can sometimes feel scary because it's unfamiliar - we've been programmed by our families, society, religion, school, TV/Movies, etc to act and believe things that may not actually feel true to your soul - I work with you to challenge what you may currently believe to find out if it's really true to you or if it's just programming in your subconscious that is no longer serving you. 

When I work with couples, we will have time together with each partner individually and with both partners together so we can explore attachment styles and discuss your different perspectives on the issues you're facing.

One thing I've noticed in my work is how a majority of the time our reactions are coming from our subconscious programming and are unknowingly affecting our partners (or friends/family/co workers) and how our minds tend to create stories and assumptions that may not be true. Our ego loves to assign blame and make assumptions, but sometimes, the reality is, there is no one to really blame! We discuss the story you're telling yourselves and figure out where the truth lies.

My goal is to create a safe space where you can learn to communicate effectively, learn how to gain clarity with what you really want, be vulnerable, and build a deep connection both with yourself, your partner, and others. Both mental and physical intimacy are crucial for a happy romantic relationship. I also believe in healing our past wounds and creating a dynamic that fosters growing together, while sharing your hopes and dreams in a safe environment - this is essential to have a healthy relationship. As a hypnotherapist, my knowledge of how the mind works assists in my ability to help uncover any subconscious patterns that may be holding you back.

This approach works great for individuals having relationship issues as well, so if you're in a relationship and struggling (maybe you're in a "stay or go" place or maybe you're looking at how to improve things and your partner isn't at a place where they want to participate) or if you're having issues finding the right partner, we work together to find out why you're having issues and work toward healing so you can experience a happy and loving relationship.  

Contact me to chat, it's free to do a discovery call so you can ask more questions and we can see if you feel we're a good fit!

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